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Hi, my name is Tobias. I’m a trained mathematician that now works as a data scientist and machine learning engineer. In 2018 I achieved the status of a kaggle master and still spend quite some time there. While studying, I started working with my first clients as a machine learning consultant. Later I worked as a Data Scientist at a Berlin-based start-up.

Most of my work is building complex machine learning models for text understanding and predictive reasoning using deep learning. Now I’m working as a freelance machine learning consultant and you can also work with me or have me giving a talk at your event. In my free time I like to spend my time in the woods with my dog or reading a good sci-fi book in the hammock.

On this blog, I write about things in machine learning, statistics and data science that are interesting to me. Hopefully you might find some of this useful.

I’m interested in:

  • machine learning/deep learning
  • natural language processing
  • data architecture
  • interpretable machine learning
  • topological data analysis
  • the future of work
  • data privacy
  • open source
  • ethics and fairness in machine learning


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the name of this blog

In machine learning and data science, as well as in mathematics and life in general, a lot depends on the definition. As a data scientist, you must be able to question things and ask about the definition. So I find myself often answering a question with “depends on the definition”. I think questioning things is the most important skill you need as a data scientist and through this blog I will question things or clarify definitions. So join me in this and question or correct me!

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