I have a passion for support companies to solve their business challenges by applying advanced machine learning solutions.

Services offered:

  • Hands on teaching/consulting – Learn how to solve your problems with code, the client chooses what is covered/taught. Sessions here generally are done via Phone/VOIP and some form of screen sharing.
  • Consulting – General help with finding the right solutions to your problems.
  • Contracting – I write code to your specifications.

My rate is the same, no matter if I am teaching, consulting, or doing pure contract work. I charge 100€/hour. If travel is involved, further compensation is required to cover that.

I like to work on:

  • Document classification
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Sequence tagging (e.g. named entity recognition)
  • Information extraction
  • Relationship extraction
  • Large scale document analysis
  • Custom consultation for your natural language problem
  • Ad hoc data analysis
  • General machine learning projects

Get in touch:

*If you have questions or need help on specific tutorial on my page, hiring me is not necessary. Either send me a message through the contract form or try to email me.*