October 15, 2019

That was PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2019

Last weekendPyCon DE and PyData Berlin joined in Berlin for a great conference event that I was lucky to attend. The speaker line-up was great and often it was hard to choose which talk or tutorial to attend. I will give you an overview of the talks I liked and the respective material. Day 1 Apache Airflow for beginners by Varya Karpenko // material Apache Airflow is an open source project that allows you programmatically create, schedule and monitor sequences of tasks. Read more

May 8, 2018

PyData Amsterdam 2018

Last weekend I participated at the PyData Amsterdam 2018 Conference in, you guess it, in Amsterdam. It has been a great conference and I meet a lot of great people and had a very good time in Amsterdam. In this post I give you an compressed list of the talks I liked most and a pointer to the material of the talk. Creating correct and capable classifiers by IanOzsvald Selection bias: The elephant in the room by Lucas Bernardi Monitoring models in production by Jannes Klaas Unit Testing Data with Marbles by Jane Stewart Adams Elegant data pipelining with Apache Airflow by Bolke de Bruin And of course my own talk “Why Should I Trust You? Read more

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